5 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden

If you're short on gardening space, but not short on ideas, a vertical garden could be the perfect solution. As the name suggests, a vertical garden is planted vertically or up instead of horizontally and across. As long as you've got a blank fence or wall, you've got the perfect canvas to start planning your vertical garden and enjoying your outside space. Here are five creative ideas on how to plant a vertical garden no matter how little space you have to play with. [Read More]

Get the Most from Your Fire by Choosing the Right Wood

Although central heating is a convenient way to heat up your home, it's hardly the most romantic. Get your thermostat set up right and you'll be at a comfortable temperature pretty much all the time, no matter what it's like outside. But who wants to sit and relax in front of a radiator? There's not much to look at, and nothing inherently comforting about the things. It's for this reason that plenty of people still love a real fireplace, even when there are other options available. [Read More]