3 Reasons to Buy a Compact Ride-On Mower

If you're tired of pushing a regular mower around your lawn, then you might be tempted to buy a ride-on mower. However, you might feel that these models are too large for your needs. As an alternative, you can buy a compact model. Mini ride-on mowers do just as good a job as larger products. What are the advantages of choosing a smaller option? 1. Get a Better Fit For Tighter Spaces [Read More]

5 Amazing Reasons to Use Mulch on Your Garden

Mulching is the process of adding a layer of material on the top of the soil. It ensures that your garden starts on the right foot in every season. If you're looking for a way to spruce up your landscape, adding a layer of much will likely accomplish this goal. This protective layer provides great benefits and is one of the best treatments you can give your garden. Continue reading to learn 5 advantages of using mulch in your garden. [Read More]

Your Guide to Useful Powered Garden Tools

Many people will own an electric lawnmower these days but rely on manual tools for the rest of their gardening. Hand shears, secateurs and garden forks tend to be the most commonly used hand tools among Australian gardeners. It is easy to see why because the designs of these tools have long been established and there is not much that can be done to improve on them. That said, there are now plenty of powered garden tools that can augment your outdoor power equipment beyond the humble lawnmower. [Read More]

Why You Should Arrange a Mulch Delivery Today

If you take care of a garden of any size you will know how much hard work it can be just to remove the weeds and give your plants the space they need to grow. One popular way of slowing the growth of garden weeds is to spread a layer of mulch across the bare earth around your plants. Here are three reasons to consider calling a mulch delivery service and buying some mulch to spread around your garden. [Read More]